Posting and editing articles and comments should be pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips to help you out. Please feel free to add to these tips. You can also find some videos about various aspects in the Resources/Videos section of this site.

  1. Remember, in order to post you must be a registered user and be logged in.
  2. To add a new article
    1. Go to any section and click on the New button.
    2. Before you save, scroll down below the editing box and choose a Section and Category (if you don't, it will remind you).
    3. Optional: you can put in an Author Alias if you like. If you don't, it will just use your Username
    4. IMPORTANT: Leave all the other settings alone.
    5. When editing, hover your mouse over any button to see what it does.
    6. NEVER leave editing by closing the window or going to another page: ALWAYS click on Save or Cancel first.
    7. NEVER paste your text directly from Word -- if you have composed in Word, please use the Paste from Word button to strip out all the garbage code that Word always inserts invisibly. The button looks like this: PasteFromWord
      1. If you are posting a comment on someone else's article, there is no Paste from Word button, so you'll need to compose your comment either in the editing window, or in a text editor other than Word.
  3. Angle brackets (<>), which are so important to Orthography, can produce funny results on computers, as they are also used by html. Here's how to deal with them.
    1. Go ahead and use them, but, if you use an open bracket (<), always be sure to use a close bracket (>) too.
    2. Always make the content between the brackets bold. DO NOT MAKE THE BRACKETS THEMSELVES BOLD, JUST THE CONTENT IN BETWEEN THEM!
      1. It also seems to work better if you put a space before and after the text inside the brackets, like this: < text >.
    3. If you go back in to edit an article with angle brackets, they have a tendency to disappear when you save. We are working on a solution to this, but in the meantime:
      1. Put a space on either side of the text inside the brackets, then select the text in between the brackets and make it Bold. This seems to prevent them from disappearing. Thanks, Michel, for figuring that one out.
  4. The system automatically logs you out after about an hour, and there's no visible sign of this until you try to Save. This can cause you to lose your work, which is very frustrating.
    1. For longer posts, create and edit them in another program, then paste into the edit box. Always use the Text button TextButton to paste your text -- it gets rid of the invisible garbage that other programs, especially Word, produce.
    2. ALWAYS copy all of your text from the edit box to the clipboard before saving, just in case -- that way you'll still have it on your clipboard if something goes wrong.
    3. Or, even better, compose you text in another program (any text editor will do, though Word tends to introduce garbage that you then have to delete).
  5. To include pictures:
    1. Click the Insert/Edit Image button InsertImagebutton.
    2. Click on the name of folder on the left where your picture should go.folders
    3. Click the Upload button on the right. upload1
    4. Click the Add button. add
    5. Choose your picture and Open.
    6. Click the Upload button. upload2
    7. Close the Upload box.
    8. Click on the name of the picture you just uploaded, then click Insert.
    9. Note: if you want the text to wrap around the picture, choose left or right alignment from the dropdown Alignment dropdown before you click Insert.
  6. To include matrices (video on creating matrices in Mac Pages) or (video on how to create a matrix on the site) or (just make it on the Mini-Matrix Maker) :
    1. One way to do it is just to paste in a jpeg of a matrix (see instructions above for including pictures) that you create either in the Mini-Matrix Maker, Pages, Word, Excel, or Google Sheets. The trouble with this is that it is not searchable, and others will not be able to edit it or add to it.
    2. To make an editable, searchable matrix (video on how to create a matrix on the site) (IMPORTANT NOTE - this only works when creating an article. You can't create a matrix in a comment, you can only post it as a jpeg):
      1. Click the Insert Table button insertTable
      2. Set the number of rows and columns you want to start with (you can always add more later).
      3. Set the width to 100%.
      4. Click insert.
      5. Click inside any cell to add text. The columns will resize as you add text to make it fit.
      6. If you need another row, click the little arrow button to add it above or below AddRowBe careful, as the little button in the middle deletes the row (of course, you and always Undo). Alternatively, there are also Add and Delete Row buttons to the right of the Insert Table button.
      7. If you need another column, click the little arrow button to add it to the left or right addColumnBe careful, as the little button in the middle deletes the row (of course, you and always Undo). Alternatively, there are also Add and Delete Column buttons to the right of the Insert Table button.
      8. To merge two cells together, drag to select the cells (make sure the cursor is not inside either of them before you start), then click the Merge Cells button MergeCells.
  7. To add a PDF or other document for others to download:
    1. Use the directions for adding a picture (above) but with these minor differences:
    2. Use a different button to start -- the Link button link, rather than the picture button.
    3. Then click on the Browse button browse and proceed as with a picture.
    4. Be sure to put the document in the Docs folder.
      There is, by the way, a built-in size limit -- if you exceed it, you'll get a message, in which case just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he'll upload it for you.
  8. To add keywords
    1. The system will allow users to search for any word in your article.
    2. If you want them to be able to find your article based on other words, put these words in the Keywords field at the bottom of the Edit Article page.
  9. To post your article
    1. Look below the Edit box.
    2. Choose the proper Section and Category.
    3. Click Yes for Published, and NO for Show on Front Page.
    4. If you are editing an already-published article, delete anything in the Start Publishing box.
    5. Hit Save.
    6. If you are new to posting articles, your article will not appear on the site until an Admin approves it. After you post a few articles, you will be bumped up to Publisher, and won't have to be approved any more.
  10. To edit your post
    1. Click on the green gear button at the top right of the article and choose Edit.
      1. If it's a comment you want to edit, it's 3 dots rather than the gear icon.
    2. Don't forget to save when you have finished.
  11. Do you have a question not answered here? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..