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Post your, and your students', matrices here so that others can add to them and comment on them. Use the Insert Table button in the editor to create the matrix.

This new "Investigations" forum grew from the beginning of my position working with teachers and students from Pre-School to Grade 11 at the Nueva School. As a way to help teachers integrate structured word inquiry into their class as an everyday learning, I asked teachers from across the grades to share 3-5 "key concepts or terms" to their domains of study this year. From that pool, I've selected a cross section of words that can be dowloaded HERE. The plan is that as the year goes on, I, my own Grade 5 students, and perhaps others will post "structured word inquiry investigations" in this forum that can be used by teachers, students at Nueva and around the world to see how diving into the structure and history of such terms deepens understanding of any domain.

Over the first couple weeks of visiting classes countless interesting investigations have already begun. Some of those words are from the list -- but of course, there is no reason to stick to a list! So when fascinating other investigations pop up, I post on them too.

Some of these posts include videos of me retracing the steps of these investigations, and some are pdfs. With time I hope that people will add comments sharing further ideas on these words and/or links to other resources taking these posts as launching pads.

I'm very excited about the learning so far. The posts to date represent a small fraction of the amazing learning I see going on every day at Nueva.