The words <creation>, <create> and <creature> are particularly rich words in studies in so many subjects across the grades. It turns out that they carry with them particularly rich windows into our orthography system nad the process of investigating the morphology and etymology of words and meanings. 

Click HERE for a document I prepared to share with my high school elective in the linguistics of spelling. 

You can see the first of the two pages of this document in the screen shot below. Notice the wardning that that first page has a coherent, valid matrix -- but one which is not yet fully analzyed. You will have to download the document to see evidence of a deeper morphological analysis of this family. 

But even that deeper analysis may not be fully resolved. You will see on page two that I am left with further questions about potential suffixes that would allow me to include still more words in the same matrix. I'm happy to leave my current analysis where it is now as that's as far as I can prove at this moment. I hope that others in the community might help me take this analyis further. 

The value of all of this of course is not finding "the analysis." Instead using such questions to refine, deepen and expand our or orthographic knowledge allows us to consider the connections of meaning between words which most have probably not perceived  before. And the process of conducting this scientific analysis will improve our ability to notice and test hypotheses about spelling-meaning connections in other words. 

In addition, at the end of the pdf, you will see a hot link to a Real Spelling tutorial film from many years ago. This film was created to celebrate the fact that I had identified a valid challenge to a matrix on <create> from Real Spelling. This investigation was a major launching pad for my learning. I hope it is for you too.

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